FEC drops complaint against Coleman


Former Sen. Norm Coleman must be thankful that the many complaints and lawsuits related to his campaign are slowly disappearing and making his life more peaceful.

On Wednesday, the Federal Elections Commission said they had cleared a complaint against Coleman's campaign alleging campaign funds were misused to defend himself against allegations in a lawsuit.

The complaint came from the Alliance for a Better Minnesota when they said he was using his campaign funds to help defend himself personally against allegations that one of his buddies and donors was trying to funnel him money. Coleman was not a party in the suit and he said at the time he had not used any of his campaign money for legal fees related to that case.

The election commission voted 5-0 on the issue over the summer, concluding there was no evidence to support the claim that he violated campaign finance laws.

The lawsuits in Texas and Delaware against Coleman's friend, Nasser Kazeminy, have been withdrawn.