Feb. 28: A perfect day for outdoor baseball in Minnesota?


If Feb. 28 is anything like today, the St. Paul Saints might seriously regret thinking that a game of outdoor baseball in the dead of winter is a fun idea. We're already feeling bad for the players and hope they know how to play a mean game of baseball wearing a parka.

On Saturday Feb. 28, the Saints will play a game at Midway Stadium known as the Crispin Iceball Adventure Series. The game will be five innings and will feature all of the antics you'd expect at a Saints games plus likely frigid temps and a whole lot of snow.

The game will be free and all proceeds go to Second Harvest Heartland. Fans are encouraged to donate cash, food and warm clothing. Just make sure you bring enough warm clothes for yourself. It's all fun until someone gets hypothermia.

More details from the Saints:

1:30 p.m: Parking lot opens for tailgating

2:00 p.m: Live band and other entertainment begins

3:09 p.m: Game starts

And just in case you were wondering about the weather, from the Saints:

Many people remember the famous "Ice Bowl" in 1967 between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers where game time temperature was 13 below zero. Or perhaps you're more familiar with snow falling from the Buffalo sky during the NHL's 2008 Winter Classic. The Crispin Iceball Adventure Series has a chance for both with the average temperature in Minnesota for February usually hovering around 18 degrees with about eight inches of snow on the ground.