FBI reviewing allegations involving Coleman, Kazeminy money transfers

When Sen. Norm Coleman said he welcomed an investigation by the FBI, we hope he wasn't crossing his fingers. The FBI is looking into allegations made before Election Day that Coleman's friend Nasser Kazeminy was trying to funnel money to Coleman through his wife's business, according to the Pioneer Press. The PiPress has the exclusive.

More from the PiPress:
Agents with the FBI have talked to or made efforts to talk to people in Texas familiar with the allegations, according to a source familiar with the situation. 

Houston is where the first of two lawsuits was filed alleging Nasser Kazeminy, a Bloomington financier, tried to steer $100,000 to Coleman via his wife's Minneapolis employer. The second suit, filed in Delaware, alleges Kazeminy initially tried to get money directly to the senator. 

Both Coleman and Kazeminy have denied any wrongdoing, and Coleman last month said he welcomes an investigation. Neither Coleman nor his office has been contacted by the FBI, spokesman LeRoy Coleman said Tuesday morning.


Coleman's campaign released a statement Tuesday evening, presumbably in response to intense questioning by the PiPress: 
"We are not aware of any investigation that is under way, nor have we been contacted by any agency with respect to this matter. As we have said repeatedly, we welcome any investigation of these lawsuits by the appropriate authorities to get to the bottom of these baseless, sleazy and politically inspired allegations."