FBI offering $5,000 for bank robber tips


The Minneapolis FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information about a man they believe has robbed several metro banks. In addition to a robbery Dec. 30 at the Wells Fargo on Grand Avenue near Fairview Avenue South, investigators believe the suspect robbed or attempted to rob the following banks, according to KAAL-TV, the ABC News outlet in Austin:

St. Paul Bank Cherokee at 985 Grand Avenue on August 27 and on November 26.

St. Paul US Bank at 1950 Burns Avenue on October 26.

St. Paul US Bank at 711 Cleveland Avenue South on November 14.

Woodbury Northern American Banking Company at 260 Hudson Road on December 12.

CNN and a number of news outlets have suggested lately that the bad economy is to be blamed for a spike in bank robberies across the nation. 

Times are tough. The holidays can make financial problems worse. But we still hope all those robbers get caught!