Fawn Nadeau accused of killing her grandma's cats and fracturing her hip

Hopefully this little guy won't grow up to beat his grandmother.

Hopefully this little guy won't grow up to beat his grandmother.

There are certain things you do for grandma that you wouldn’t do for anyone else. When it’s 80 degrees and gam gam’s freezing, crank the heat. If she wants to eat dinner at 4:30 p.m., you cart her to Golden Corral and choke down heat-lamped chicken wings smiling the whole damn time.

Why? Because it makes the radiantly wrinkled woman who spent her retirement baking you cookies happy.

Evidently, Fawn Monike Nadeau doesn’t subscribe to the spoil-thy-grandma theory.

This summer an Ogema, Minnesota woman residing on the grandmotherly named Sunnyside Avenue welcomed several family members into her home. The woman’s relatives, including her granddaughter Nadeau, did “not have anywhere else to go,” according to a complaint. Naturally, the matriarch took ‘em in and probably made a lovely roast.

On August 21, Nadeau was talking to her grandma when, for reasons unclear, she became “upset and defensive.” Things got real when Nadeau, 35, told Grandma that she killed her cats and was coming after her dog next. As the granny moved to protect her pup, Nadeau gave her a two-handed shove, knocking her to the ground.

Because grandmas are fragile, loving creatures not meant to be struck, the unnamed woman was “in a lot of pain” and couldn’t get up, the complaint states. Fortunately, she was able to call 911 and was taken to a medical facility, where she learned her hip was fractured by someone she probably once sung lullabies to.

Days later the White Earth tribal police rolled through on a welfare check after the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center tipped them off to the incident and informed them that grandma was back home. The grandmother told the cops she was afraid of her granddaughter. White Earth cop boss Michael LaRoque was not available for comment Tuesday and Becker County assistant attorney Tammy Merkins did not return repeated calls.

Besides losing her lifetime cookie supply, Nadeau faces a felony assault charge and appeared in court earlier this week. Her next hearing is slated for Nov. 2.