Favre thinks he has a cracked rib; someone call the wambulance

Our new hometown hero Brett Favre broke our hearts today when he told ESPN he thinks he has a cracked rib. Just kidding. We say he should call the wambulance.

According to ESPN, Favre hasn't been diagnosed, but says it hurts to take deep breaths. He isn't on the Vikings injury report and it appears he will be playing the entire first half against the Houston Texans.

We think his random comment is more of a forewarning of his terrible performance. No excuses, Brett. They paid you to actually play well and not find random reasons to excuse your long-lost talent.

We'll only excuse this sad injury if he can explain how it happened. We might give him a break if he was doing something all-American like building a deck, mowing his lawn, or making love to his wife.

The last thing he should do after scoring a ridiculous $25 million contract to be "that old guy" on our failing Minnesota Vikings is whine a little about a cracked rib. If we made that much money, a few cracked ribs would be worth it. This is what the Vikings get for signing a senior citizen to the team. Seriously.

But a commenter on ESPN said it best: It's not a cracked rib, that's the rib God took out of him to make Eve.

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