Favre left Sterger voicemails, not penis pictures

Brett Favre admits to the NFL that he left voicemails for Jenn Sterger, but denies sending her pictures of his penis, according to a report by Jay Glazer.

This is a smart strategy on Brett Favre's part--the voicemails, while embarrassing, don't break any laws (though it could still violate the league's character clause, which could lead to a suspension).

The unwanted penis photos? Not so much.

Here's the money quote from Glazer in the video embedded below:

"Favre admitted, from what I'm told, to leaving voice messages on Jenn Sterger, former Jets employee, on her voicemail. Denied sending pictures that were not appropriate to her."

Will this end Brett Favre's troubles? Doubtful. The photos of the penis supposedly came from the same cell phone--with an Mississippi area code--that Favre used to leave the voicemails. If anything, this admission ties him conclusively to the phone number.

It wouldn't surprise us at all if he claimed that some unknown teammate took a picture of his junk and sent it to Jen Sterger as part of a hazing ritual to prank the quarterback.

Glazer hints that Sterger's decision whether or not to talk could be the deciding factor on whether Favre faces real scrutiny.

Sterger spelled backwards is regrets.

The Favre File:

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