Father's Day: Give the gift that says, 'You're too sweaty'


Nothing says "I love you" like a gift that points out a person's most embarrassing flaws. At least that's what Kleinert's tried to tell us in a classic press release that arrived in our inbox yesterday.

We know it's tough to market "sweat-proof" shirts, but is Father's Day really the best time to let the father in your life know you're quite annoyed by his stained pits? Whether it's sweat proof, stink free, or splash resistant, we've collected a few gifts for Father's Day that will surely make you No. 1 in his heart.

We get a lot of great press releases, but this one particularly stood out. Here is how they market their "sweat-proof" products for dad:

If your dad or husband tends to perspire a lot, then he'll love a classy Father's Day gift that insures sweat-protection, comfort, and a cool look and feel. Kleinert's®, the premier source of sweat-proof products for everyday use since 1869, has created a line of men's casual and dress wear that provides an ideal gift for the guy who has everything--but sweat-free peace of mind.

"Fathers fill a vital role in the family life," said Michael Brier, Chief Executive Officer, Kleinert's®. "Whether they are working, at play with the kids or working out to keep in shape this summer. Customers can be assured that Kleinert's® line of growing fashion and sweat-proof garments will be able to keep up with dads, while keeping them looking as confident as they feel."

Happy Father's Day! You excessively sweat and it's cramping our family style. Their selection is quite extensive. They've even divided their product offerings for the different kinds of dads: business dad, easy-going casual dad, fashion-forward father, and athletic dad. If dad doesn't need any new shirts, you can buy him a nice pack of disposable "sweat pads" that absorb all his nasty scents.

This press release made us think of some other great gifts to tell dad the hard truth. At least when you make him feel like he can't control his own bodily functions and scents, you're giving him something to fix the problem, right?

In February, we pointed readers to these supposed "stink-proof" undies. Because sometimes your dad needs to know you can smell his rotten crotch.


Does your dad have bad aim when he uses the toilet? Give the gift we like to call "Pray and Pee". A Japanese company has created a product so men can kneel while they go No. 1 so they don't spray their fluids all over the bathroom.

If you could actually give your mom a retaliation-free gift that kindly suggests a problem she could fix with a nifty product, what gift would you buy?