Fatal semi-truck crash on I-94

The driver of the overturned truck was killed in the accident.

The driver of the overturned truck was killed in the accident.

Two semi-trucks and a car were involved in a fatal early-morning crash on I-94, leaving one truck turned over on its side just outside the Lowry Tunnel. The State Patrol has confirmed the crash killed the semi driver.

The semi-truck, heading westbound on I-94, ran into a light pole and overturned, according to Lt. Eric Roeske of the State Patrol. The semi's trailer and some of its cargo, which included car parts, spilled into the eastbound lanes. Several other vehicles drove into the debris as it fell out of the trailer.

The semi driver was killed, but no other driver was critically injured, Roeske said.

A MnDOT camera shows the semi-truck turned on its side, completely blocking eastbound traffic, with response vehicles nearby.

MnDOT and the State Patrol say debris from the accident could take several hours to clean up, and those who typically take I-94 to work should find another route.


The trailer is also still over the median and blocking a lane of westbound traffic, which has since been slowed and narrowed down by road workers.

Cars were stuck inside the tunnel, behind the overturned truck, and have been forced to slowly back their way out of the tunnel and back down I-94.