Fast Food Workers Plan Another Protest at Uptown McDonald's This Afternoon

Organizers say recent concessions by McDonald's aren't nearly enough

Organizers say recent concessions by McDonald's aren't nearly enough

Local labor organizer Merle Payne calls McDonald's announcement yesterday that it will begin paying employees at corporate-owned stores at least $1 above the local minimum wage "almost like an April Fool's joke."

"The raise is only going to affect about ten percent of their entire workforce and it's not anywhere near enough of an increase to pull people out of poverty wages," he says.

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Emboldened by the recent concessions but not anywhere close to satisfied, fast food workers plan to take over the Uptown McDonald's for the third time in seven months this afternoon.

"The goal is two-fold: First, workers get $15/hour, and second, allow workers to form a union," says Merle.

Merle says the union is important because right now workers don't have a good place to take complaints, like when they are told to rub mustard on burns instead of getting proper first aid.

Another, larger rally is planned on the April 15 tax deadline at the University of Minnesota. Fast food workers will be joined by airport workers, workers from the University of Minnesota and home healthcare workers when they march to the Dinkytown McDonald's.

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