Fargo Forum letter writer compares Muslim countries to a 'dumpster fire'; readers revolt

Now, this is an actual dumpster fire.

Now, this is an actual dumpster fire. aeroix (Flickr)

 As metaphors go, the dumpster fire should be a last resort. 

The thing itself was already filled with trash. Maybe some cockroaches. Now the stuff no one wanted is burning, emitting noxious fumes. Go ahead and call the fire department, but tell them it's no rush. This here's beyond saving. 

Now take this image and apply it to a whole country. Or a whole region full of countries, with people who happen to be a different religion. People whose daily lives are terrorized by ... well, terrorists. Seems harsh, no?

Not to Shaun Moser, a resident of West Fargo, North Dakota, and the author of the worst letter to the editor you'll read this week. After this past weekend's terror attack in New York City, and the stabbing at a St. Cloud mall that left 10 people wounded, Moser had some stuff to get off his chest. 

For some reason, the Fargo Forum decided this toxic-waste-dump-firestorm of a hot take needed airing with the general public.

If a country is a dumpster fire, it is a dumpster fire because of the attitudes and beliefs of its people. If you move those people somewhere else, what are they going to do except turn their new country into a dumpster fire?!

Moser doesn't really scale back from that tenor from thereon in. He writes that "immigrants have robbed our gas stations" and "harassed our women." 

Note, to the (white) women of North Dakota, and America: You belong to Shaun Moser of West Fargo. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

Muslim women in "Islamic headgear belong in a Discovery Channel documentary about war-torn countries, not" -- alright, fuck it. That's enough of Shaun Moser. 

Moser's letter, and its appearance in the paper of record in the largest city in his state, set off a wave of pissed-off responses from other Fargoans. These writers were, by turns, "saddened," amuseddidactic, and pissed off that the Forum saw fit to print Moser's letter in the first place.

Easily the best response is this brilliant reply, which states that the real problem with North Dakota is not refugees, but... the state's "hideous license plates."

For reference, here's that.


Writes Evan Kjos:

Moser is confused in believing that German and Scandinavian immigrants came together and built our state out of puzzle pieces, when the truth is that a Godzilla-sized bison once roamed the land, flattening the ground with its hooves. While I have no scientific or historical evidence to back this claim, in my heart-of-hearts I know it to be true and I will bite my thumb in the direction of anyone who tells me otherwise!


We'd say Moser's been deservedly roasted, but this level of satire is lost on someone like him. Let's just enjoy it at his expense. 

Meantime, if you happen to pick up this morning's Fargo Forum, containing Shaun Moser's dreadful opinion, resist the urge to pitch it into a dumpster and set the whole thing on fire.