Fans Claim Matt Kalil Got into an Altercation with a Heckler After Yesterday's Game

Kalil was in no mood to chat after yesterday's loss to the Packers

Kalil was in no mood to chat after yesterday's loss to the Packers

Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil has been fans' favorite whipping boy all season due to a level of high-profile ineptitude not seen since Christian Ponder was under center.

Yesterday Kalil was especially bad, getting flagged for three penalties at crucial times in the Vikings' 24-21 loss to the Packers. After the game he quickly stormed past reporters rather than talk publicly about his terrible day, but trouble may have found him outside TCF Bank Stadium.

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Here's what we know: Twitter user @hutsy81 was taking post-game selfies with Vikings players as they left the stadium.

She tweeted that a fan yelled at Kalil, then Kalil argued back and flipped the fan's hat off of his head before the fan was taken away by police.

Another Twitter user, @sidegravy told a similar story.

Later Twitter user @Kirby_Fuckett claimed to be the heckler who caused Kalil to go off. According to Mr. Fuckett, he asked Kalil where he would like to get traded and refused to back off when Kalil challenged him.

Then Kalil threw the heckler's hat to the ground, and the heckler threw a program at Kalil and was escorted from the area by police.

Obviously take these stories with a few grains of salt; they're just Twitter rumors at this point. We have calls in to the Vikings and Minneapolis Police Department and will update when we hear back.

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