Fancy Ray: "I'm like Paris with a pretty tan"


Fancy Ray isn't really known for anything except... being Fancy Ray. He's the self-described "best looking man in comedy" and a "human chocolate testicle," but can you really blame Minnesotans for wondering what this guy actually does to get all of this semi-fame?

Well he knows just what you're thinking. Think of him this way: Paris Hilton with a pretty tan. All questions answered.

The Star Tribune recaps his "career" of sorts to preview his comedy shows at the end of the month at Scott Hansen's Comedy Gallery at the St. Paul Holiday Inn.

He is a Twin Cities celebrity, but many people have no idea what he does. "I've become like the Paris Hilton of Minneapolis. I'm famous, but why?" said McCloney, never hesitant about self-promotion. "I'm like Paris with a pretty tan."

Actually, he is a comedian, celebrating 20 years of standup with his Friday-Saturday gig every weekend this month at Scott Hansen's Comedy Gallery in the Holiday Inn in east St. Paul. He also is a TV pitchman, doing commercials for everything from homeopathic health-food stores to adult bookstores. And he runs a full-service ad agency, which is how he makes his living. He stopped doing his cable-access TV show, "Get Down With It," in 1999, but it still may be what he's best known for.

We're calling for his return to public access TV. That show was golden. You've got to give this guy a high-five for working his tail off in an industry that isn't always the most welcoming to Fancy Ray types. We'll still cheer for our hometown hero.