Family sues Minneapolis park police for breaking boy's arm

The boy was just 12 years old last May when officers allegedly broke his arm. This family has faced off with police before: In 2005, a Minneapolis police officer shot and killed the boy's older brother.

The civil rights lawsuit was filed in federal court against Officers Keith Rowland and James Cannon, according to WCCO. Last May, the boy was attending an after-school program at Creekview Park, where he got into a confrontation with a staff member and police were called, according to the WCCO story. A park police officer twisted the boy's arm, breaking it in the process of handcuffing him, the suit alleges. Here's what the boy's mother, Tahisha Williams-Brewer, told WCCO:

"They had ... his arm in the handcuffs while it was broke," said Williams-Brewer. "It was very, very sad to me because he was just a minor. He wasn't like 98 pounds wet and for the police to do this, somebody who's supposed to protect us."

This is the same family that lost 15-year-old Courtney Williams in 2004, when Officer Scott Mars shot him in a chase. Ultimately, a Hennepin County grand jury decided against charging Mars in the shooting.

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