Family resource center--a center for the community

Children's Hospitals and Clinics recently announced their new Family Resource Center--a center for the community both outside and inside the hospital. The Family Resource Center, made possible in part by a $100,000 grant from the Cargill company, offers a variety of health and parenting information. Parents can:

* Rent a car seat for a nominal fee. The staff of the Family Resource Center also shows each buyer how to properly use a car seat--eighty percent of Americans don't use car seats properly, and seventy percent of injuries and deaths could be prevented by proper use.

* Buy a $49-value multi-sport helmet for $12. The staff will fit each helmet--which should be worn while biking, rollerblading and other sports--and demonstrate proper use.

* Call the "Parent WARMline" with any question. Extensively trained volunteers, all of whom are child or health professionals, are available for consultations and advice within twenty-four hours after a phone call is first placed. Find out about support groups and classes on over 100 different topics.

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