Family of Minn. sweat lodge victim blame Ray for her death


The family of the Prior Lake woman who died after attending a James Arthur Ray retreat say they hold him responsible for her death. The victim's daughter wants to see Ray behind bars.

Liz Neuman, 49, was one of three people to die after the retreat's sweat lodge incident that left 18 people hospitalized. Her daughter, Andrea Puckett, says her mother trusted Ray and likely stayed in the sweat lodge too long because she was being pushed to do so by Ray and his program.

The ceremony happened Oct. 8 near Sedona, Ariz. and was led by Ray. The family is preparing a lawsuit, naming Ray. The family says Ray didn't call the family until a day after their mother's death and he is already back on the road conducting seminars despite the tragedies.

KARE11 has the interview and story. Check out the video below.