Family of five survives house explosion, tells their story


On Saturday afternoon, Emma Schuller, 15, was waiting for her dad so they could take her 18-month-old sister Josephine for a walk. Her dad, David, went down to the basement to put away a bucket of paint when he flipped on a light.

It was 2 p.m. and as he hit the light switch, his home on the 5600 block of 32nd Avenue South exploded. Four of the family members escaped the house, but 10-year-old Olivia was trapped in her bedroom under debris.

A neighbor and a total stranger ran into the home and were able to pull Olivia out to safety. She was hospitalized in critical condition, but was released on Monday. Investigators say it was caused by a natural gas leak, but where it came from remains unclear.

Now the family is talking about their remarkable survival and thanking the men who saved Olivia before the home burned to the ground.

Hear their story in the video below.