Family blames house, not tornado on daughter's death; 6-year-old leaves school early and no one cares


Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

When nature strikes, people normally say it is an act of God. A Rogers family, on the other hand, is suing the construction company of the home where their 10-year-old daughter died during the twister. They say the home, not the tornado, is at fault for the girls' death. 

6-year-old decides to leave school early, no one cares 
The mother of a 6-year-old who left school and was find a mile from the school is pretty upset that no one seemed to notice her son's disappearance. The boy left school without a hat or gloves and was spotted a mile away from school after his mother came to pick him up at school. He was nowhere to be found and a stranger called police when he was spotted alone walking. 

When the fish aren't biting, just take your ice house for a walk to another location. That's what a Foley, Minn. man does at least. He's created an ice house that allows the user to move the structure while they are still inside it, Fred Flintstone style.

It lives a sad pathetic life at the impound life and then the city auctions it off. Oh, and city workers totally hate you for being lazy and making them work harder. During a typical snow emergency, the city handles about 1,200 cars. At the end of most snow seasons, about 500 snow-emergency cars end up being auctioned. 

A group of hardcore disc golfers gathered this weekend to play a game, all in the name of charity. We particularly enjoyed the photo of all of them putting at Hole 9 with their pants down.