Families reverse vasectomies to keep popping kids out, woman uses tuna, paint to destroy ex's home


Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

Trends in this country don't always match up. When people are losing their jobs and can't afford to live comfortably, the last thing you'd think would be happening is people trying to have even more kids. Well, it's happening and men are going back to the Doc to ask for a reversal of their vasectomy. Now that's love.

It's time for Minneapolis to get thrifty


Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak said all options are on the table at the city looks at some serious cuts in the city budget. Minneapolis is expecting some slashed funds from state aid in the upcoming legislative session, so watch for the city to start getting thrifty. Rybak says he plans to let residents rank importance of city services to help trim things down. Fast 911 response or a cool new park structure? Your pick. 

If you are one of the very unlucky souls to be laid off or have your hours reduced during all of this budget crunching, the Strib has some advice on where to trim your budget fast. Every dollar counts and it might even help simplify your life. Do you really need 175 TV channels anyway? 

People expecting to receive a $40 coupon to help them purchase a digital converter box for their old TV might have to wait awhile to get it. The program ran out of money at the end of the year and now people will be put on a waiting list to receive it. Your other choices: Buy the converter on your own, buy a new TV that works with digital broadcasting or upgrade to cable. 

A St. Paul man who kicked his former girlfriend out of his apartment in September got some welcome surprises afterward. One day he came home and the apartment was painted pink, green and white. It was also on the floor, toilet, washing machine and bathtub. That's in addition to him finding his teddy bear impaled on a wooden pole with a knife in its head and garbage and toilet paper all over the garage. Oh and don't forget when his garage had been egged and opened tuna cans were found all over. How did they catch the lady? She posted photos on her MySpace. A real winner.

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