Fall Out Boy on their tardy MOA appearance: We had "shit to do"


Apparently Fall Out Boy has no intention of trying to keep fans listening to their awfully painful pop-punk music. Their terrible attitude this weekend at the Mall of America sure isn't doing their shitastic brand any good.

After arriving more than an hour after they were scheduled to sign autographs at the Mall of America's totally packed rotunda, they looked more sour than usual and then snapped back when people called them out for making all of the fans and their parents wait around.

Some people got there before sunrise Sunday just for the chance to meet the band and get an autograph. And when one of the insanely patient mothers asked the band if they realized how long these kids waited for them, they just rolled their eyes.

When Star Tribune gossip columnist C.J. tried to get them on record about their tardiness, they were snappy to her too. Sorry FOB, you're terrible people and we hope all of your naive fans realize it's time to start illegally downloading your records instead of actually paying money for the bubblegum vomit.

There's even a video of the exchange!

More from the Star Tribune's gossip columnist, C.J.:
According to my information, they didn't arrive at the MOA until well after 2 p.m., at which time they went directly to a VIP event, while more than 400 cooled their unwashed heels in the rotunda. I thought the tardiness was ridiculous and inexcusable, especially after the explanation for it.

As the band members left the event, I insistently asked why they were late. The long-haired one with the red facial hair said, "'Cause we have [excrement] to do."

Watch the C.J. video here. The FOB quote comes at the end.

Entertainment blogger Melinda Jacobs wrote about their tardiness:

Why is it "Cool" for Celebrities to be late when everyone else has to be on time? You tell me because at this point in my life and my career it's just getting old and making me older to give publicity to people and they are people when (their)time seems more important than the people who not only butter their bread but probably would throw in the hottest freshest bread available.
Maybe Pete Wentz should go back to getting press for taking cell phone shots of his penis.