Fake reporter calling female high school athletes in Wisconsin to set up interviews, photo shoots

The Jounal Sentinel typically contacts student-athletes through athletic departments, not directly.
The Jounal Sentinel typically contacts student-athletes through athletic departments, not directly.

An as-of-yet-unidentified man has been dialing up female high school athletes in Wisconsin in hopes of setting up interviews and photo shoots with them for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

-- Rob Koebel, Wisconsin TV reporter, drunkenly asks cop: "Know who you're messing with?"
-- Wisconsin reader threatens journalist with eternal damnation for "OMG" headline

There's only one problem -- the guy has no association whatsoever with the newspaper, and as a result, one can only imagine what sorts of things he really has in mind for the student athletes he's striving to meet.

From the Journal Sentinel:

[Mark Stewart, the Journal Sentinel's prep sports editor] said he was alerted to the situation about two weeks ago when he received a call from a reporter at the Wisconsin State Journal. The reporter said his daughter, who plays golf at Verona High School, had received a call from a man saying he had obtained her phone number from another girl on the team and asking odd questions, like how tall she was.

The next day the athletic director at Cedarburg High School called Stewart to say an individual had contacted two female athletes at the school and wanted to arrange a photo shoot. An interview at the school was set up in the hopes of catching him, but he never showed up, Maldonado said.

Last week a female athlete at Germantown High School reported the man had contacted her and made similar requests for a picture and interview.

Franklin Police Capt. Joseph Spak said Thursday that an 18-year-old high school student told police someone posing as a Journal Sentinel reporter had called her about doing a sports story on her and that he exhibited "odd behavior" on the phone. She didn't elaborate, he said.

Law enforcement is investigating, and Thomas Frank, Cedarburg police chief, told the Journal Sentinel, "we believe we might know who this individual is."

If arrested, the imposter reporter could face child enticement charges.

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