Failed hunters should consider driving I-35E

I-35E is Minnesota's deer-killingest highway
I-35E is Minnesota's deer-killingest highway
Photo: Keven Law

So there you are, dragging your ass out of the woods up north, decked out in camo gear, narry a shot fired from from your rifle, your bullets stowed away with exactly the same count as when you left home in the morning. And no deer. How are you going to explain that to your buddies at the bar? Maybe you don't have to.

Think road kill! A University of Minnesota study shows that thousands of deer end up as roadkill every year. And according to Fox 9, your best bet for a collision with Bambi is I-35E, especially where it runs through Lino Lakes, White Bear Lake and Eagan.

Just one detail: If you decide to hammer a white tail with your megaton SUV in a moment of quiet desperation, just be aware that the impact of said deer is likely to demolish your hefty chunk of Detroit's finest. In fact, it may even kill you, too.

Here's the Fox 9 report on Minnesota highway deer v. car crashes:

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