Fail: Minn. lawmakers adjourned, Pawlenty to cut budget alone

Perhaps one of the most important sessions in recent history for the Minnesota Legislature ended as a giant fail. Can lawmakers be any more stubborn? Both sides get the blame on this one.

The state's lawmakers had the one job of balancing the budget and ended the session with two vastly different plans divided down partisan lines. Since the Republicans refused to increase revenue and Democrats insisted on keeping spending up, the budget cutting is all up to Gov. Tim Pawlenty. At least he can take the fall when his cuts cause serious problems across the state. Lawmakers sent Pawlenty a balanced budget that includes extra revenue streams, but Pawlenty has already vetoed that plan.

More from the Pioneer Press:
The session ended in chaos as the Senate and House adjourned at the stroke of midnight. With minutes to go before the constitutional deadline, DFLers in both chambers introduced and rammed through a $1 billion tax-increase bill they knew Pawlenty would veto. They wanted to demonstrate they could pass a budget-balancing bill, even if it was dead on arrival at the governor's desk.

The governor proposed balancing the budget by deeper spending cuts and delaying state aid payments to schools. DFLers said that would kick the fiscal problem three years down the road and beyond.

"We are the pay-as-you-go Legislature. I'm sorry to say the governor has been more interested in borrow-and-spend," Kelliher said.

Legislators will reconvene at noon on Feb. 4, 2010. Sounds like a nice vacation.

Some videos of politicians complaining about each other:

Pogemiller on end of session talks from tommy scheck on Vimeo.