Faculty members in St. Thomas School of Law weigh in on Tutu controversey

As we reported last week, the University of St. Thomas's disinvitation of Archbishop Desmond Tutu elicited outrage among faculty within the university's Justice and Peace Studies program. Dissatisfaction appears to be spreading.

Yesterday, eighteen member's of the university's law faculty sent a letter to university president Dennis Dease and vice-president for academic affairs Thomas Rochon. The memo urged Dease and Rochon to reissue the invitation or, barring that, "issue a statement acknowledging that it was a mistake to reject the invitation on the ground that has been offered."

Meanwhile, both Coleen Rowley of the Huffington Post and Juan Cole, president of the Global Americana Institute, take St. Thomas to task for what they interpret as evidence of a double standard: the university's decision to host Ann Coulter two years ago.

[Hat tip to Mirror of Justice]