Facebook post prompts U to ban mortuary student from campus

Amanda Tatro was angry about breaking up with her boyfriend, and she did what a lot of people do: She posted her thoughts on her Facebook page. Nothing extraordinary there, except this: Tatro is a University of Minnesota mortuary science student. And her Facebook updates spoke of releasing a little aggression by way of stabbing "a certain someone in the throat with a trocar."

A trocar is an instrument used to drain bodily fluids from a corpse during the embalming process.

Three of her instructors caught wind of her posts and alerted campus police. Now she's banned from campus.

More from the Star Tribune:

Police are not filing charges and consider the matter closed, U spokesman Daniel Wolter said by e-mail.

Privacy law prevents the U from commenting on the specifics of Tatro's case, but Wolter said that "in a case such as this, the case is typically referred to our Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, which will interview the student, review evidence and make some kind of finding."

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