Fabrizio Montermini sentenced to 14 years for fatal drunk driving

Fabrizio Montermini's crash killed one of his own passengers, and injured others.

Fabrizio Montermini's crash killed one of his own passengers, and injured others.

Fabrizio Montermini just wanted to drive around and have a bit of fun in his Mazda. But because his idea of fun included high speeds and swigging a Gatorade-vodka cocktail, he's getting 14 years in prison for third-degree murder.

Montermini's case goes well beyond the typical fatal drunk-driving accident. On a cold night in January 2006, Montermini, then 18, was flying around St. Paul streets at speeds of up to 115 miles an hour. The accident that followed left one person dead and six injured.

At his sentencing hearing Montermini begged forgiveness and, unbelievably, claimed ignorance, according to the Pioneer Press.

"If I would have really understood the risk, I obviously wouldn't have done it."


Montermini admitted to the judge his behavior was "immature, irresonsible, and dangerous," the Pioneer Press reports. Actually, it was much worse than that.

With a drink in his hand, and alcohol in his blood, Montermini could only keep up his high speed for so long before something bad happened. It did: He lost control and slammed into another car on Old Hudson Road, near Maplewood, where Montermini and his three passengers were planning to go to a nightclub.

If Montermini's accident was a bad mistake, what he did next was much worse. Montermini got out of the car and urinated, then got back in to drive his battered car to a nearby church. He wasn't there to pray.

Montermini pulled out his three unconscious passengers, all of whom were badly injured. Then, in the dead of winter, he left them in the parking lot. One of those passengers, Brian Fitzpatrick, 18, later died of brain injuries he suffered in the crash.

The two female passengers Montermini discarded were hurt, but survived, as was the case with the four passengers in the car Montermini hit. One of the passengers in the other car was pregnant, but the child was unharmed.

In May, Montermini, 24, was convicted of third-degree murder and five counts of gross misdemeanor criminal vehicular activity.