"F*ck Michele Bachmann" fliers not a hit with Michele Bachmann's staff

UPDATE: Michele Bachmann responds ... and blames Nancy Pelosi?!?!

Michele Bachmann's campaign staffers are apparently not humored by fliers posted around the Twin Cities reading, in large black font, the words "Fuck Michele Bachmann 2010."

At first glance, the posters look like some sort of malicious anti-Bachmann campaign -- perhaps a brazen political maneuver from 6th District contender Tarryl Clark. But if you read past the vulgar title and what appears to be the Republican Party elephant insignia pooping blood, it's really an advertisement for a hip-hop concert at Big V's in St. Paul next month.

Bachmann's staffers called the fliers "juvenile" and "disgusting" in an interview with KSTP.

G-Biz, a Twin Cities hip-hop musician, is behind the fliers. By appearances, Biz is not the Minnesota congresswoman's biggest fan. From Biz's Myspace:

Michelle Bachmann is an embarrassment to us all. So now, you the people, get you chance to express your discontent for our crazy congresswoman with the G-Biz. We need you to make a remix of the Fuck Michele Bachmann 2010 summer hit.

Solely from a marketing standpoint, you've got to give them some credit. Really, it's an eye-catcher.

Check out theG-Biz MySpace page here.

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