Expanded web content: Campus con man not done with Minneapolis yet


By Andy Mannix

Daniel Gonzalez, the subject of our news story and photo slideshow this week, is out on work release. He's still incarcerated by Hennepin County, but he is allowed to leave to go to work.

Apparently he has Internet access.

Gonzalez recently updated his Facebook profile picture (which is under the name Anthony Martinez) to a dark silhouetted figure on a white background next to the name “Anthony D” written out in dark, bold letters.

The description under the photo reads: “one of the i come..”

In response to a curious friend wondering what the “D” stands for, Gonzalez responded:


“Yea the "D" Stand for (Definitive means precise; explicit and clearly defined to keep going no matter what..) Also D" is the First Letter of The Name Daniel ; the Alias I use to Use and the one that got me in trouble.The one every one hated so much..It keeps me going Every time i think of "D" as Struggle,and hate and also an ispiration to keep going every day..”

Actually, the “D” stands for Darst. Anthony Darst -- known to his fans as Anthony D -- is a 22-year-old rapper from Minneapolis living in Long Beach.

The silhouetted image is from his album art. Also on Gonzalez’s Facebook profile is a compilation of pictures from “his” studio, Megatropolis Records.

Megatropolis is actually Darst’s record label, and all of the photos are on the Megatropolis website.

Gonzalez has also recently updated his information on the University of Minnesota’s student directory. His name used to be listed as “Anthony Martines”, but has been changed to “Tony M. Martinez.

When he was arrested, his listed address was for a fraternity house he had been living in. Now it’s an address for the Uptown City Apartments on West Lake Street -- though as of Monday, May 5, he was still in the work house, and still set to be released on June 26. No apartment number accompanies his student information, and the name Martinez is not on the Uptown City Apartment's directory. -- Andy Mannix


Follow Gonzalez' criminal history with our interactive map, which shows you where he lived in town and what crimes he was arrested for in what parts of the country.