Exit pollsters win right to bug you again

A federal judge granted a request from news organizations to block a Minnesota law that would have kept exit pollsters far away from the polls on Election Day.

According to the Associated Press:

U.S. District Judge Michael Davis ordered today that the AP and the major television news networks must be allowed to conduct exit polling as long as it doesn't interfere with voters going to and from their polling places. He ordered the secretary of state to advise all county auditors of his ruling.

Now our state can officially participate in the great game of exit polling speculation before results are in. No one wants to stay up for official results anyway.

More info after the jump.

More from the AP:

The AP, ABC, CNN, CBS, Fox News and NBC had sued Minnesota over a new state law against anyone but voters and election judges from lingering within 100 feet of buildings where polling places are located. They said the law would have made it virtually impossible for them do exit poll interviews with voters, violating their First Amendment right to gather the news.

"We're extremely pleased," said Susan Buckley, an attorney for the news organizations. "I think this is a terrific victory for the First Amendment and for the right of voters in Minnesota to express their views about this extraordinary election, should they choose to."

The preliminary injunction only applies to exit pollsters, not other groups that might want to put people within the 100-foot zone. The media groups are still seeking a permanent injunction.

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