Exit poll buzz: something to confuse everyone

class=img_thumbleft>Here, via Wonkette , are some exit poll numbers on US Senate races--none from Minnesota, however--published at the New Republic's blog, The Plank . As TNR blogger Ryan Lizza notes, they come from two sources but "seem too pro-Dem to be true." To be taken with a block of salt and all that. For what it's worth, though, they jibe with the numbers posted at the National Review blog, The Corner .

Michael Brodkorb at MDE has posted some Republican talking points about the exit polls that may or may not prove to hold water.

Democrats lead:

Virgina 52-47

Pennsylvania 57-42

Ohio 57-43

Rhode Island 53-46

New Jersey 52-45

Missouri 50-48

Montana 53-46

Maryland 53-46

Republicans lead:

Tennessee 51-48

Arizona 50-46

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