Exhausted Target worker's Black Friday crash defies Star Tribune's bizarre "be happy you have a job" editorial

Target workers had a Black Friday alright
Target workers had a Black Friday alright

An exhausted Target worker in Palm Beach, Florida, crashed her car into a canal at 7:46 a.m. after working the midnight shift on Black Friday.

The accident is notable because it shows the potential danger for workers forced to work the midnight shift after Target decided to open its doors earlier than ever on Black Friday. The new hours triggered a backlash from employees, who delivered a petition with 181,000 signatures to CEO Gregg Steinhafel asking the retailer to "Save Thanksgiving."

The petition was met with a bizarre editorial from the Star Tribune that told workers they should shut up and just be happy to have a job in a bad economy.

For those who missed it, here's what the Star Tribune editorial page wrote about workers who complained about having to work at midnight on Thanksgiving:

So please, protesting retail workers, stop whining about having to work holiday hours.

Be grateful to have a job.

And now here's the harrowing experience of one exhausted worker, who should apparently just be "grateful to have a job":

The woman's car began sinking in 20-foot water, and she called 911. A Sheriff's deputy had to jump in to save her. Frank Mayo, the deputy, freed her from the car and the woman grabbed on to him. Afraid she might drown them both, the deputy let go, but didn't see the woman come up after him. After taking a breath, he dove back down, calmed the woman down, and brought her back up to safety.

Just another day at work for those lucky enough to have a job! What's to complain about? Now let's talk about scheduling you for a double shift on Christmas ...

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