Ex-Wild Kyle Brodziak's crib is for sale at $1.05 million

How does the NHL's bottom half live? Pretty damn well.

How does the NHL's bottom half live? Pretty damn well.

Not all pro athletes live in mansions with diamond-encrusted koi ponds. But they’re not exactly slumming it either.

During his six years of skating at the Xcel Energy Center, former Minnesota Wild player Kyle Brodziak was decent. Only once did the third- or fourth-liner top 20 goals in a season, and sometimes it felt like he botched more scoring chances than put pucks in net. Still, the forward was a solid penalty killer and one of the team’s longest tenured players.

After signing a one-year $900,000 deal (modest by pro jock standards) with the St. Louis Blues this month, Brodziak has hung a for-sale sign up on his Edina house, offering regular Joes a look at how the NHL’s bottom half lives. As it turns out, that’s pretty damn well.

According to the Edina Realty listing, Brodziak’s looking to fetch $1.05 million for the nearly 4,400-square-foot micro-palace — $180,000 more than he paid for it in 2012. While he’s banking less than the league average of $2.6 million, the veteran checker was able to swing a three-car garage and good-sized yard where thoroughbred puppies could have frolicked with kids in designer clothes.

The taxes alone on Brodziak's five-bedroom suburban manor are nearly $14,000, which is probably no biggie when you’re a quasi-famous athlete.

The main level boasts “Brazilian Cumaru” (translation: fancy wood) floors, an open floor plan and a granite-topped island in the kitchen where Brodziak and his Wild chums could hoist brewskis and mope about how they could never seem to surpass the Blackhawks. 


Once the Wild were bounced from the playoffs, Brodziak could have hosted a sweet Stanley Cup party in his walkout man-ish cave with couch space galore, a pair of flatscreens and a pool table.

Here’s wishing the outgoing Wild skater luck in finding an equally sweet St. Louis pad that 99 percent of us would envy.