Ex-Twin Steve Bedrosian is pissed: His daughter attends Creepshots teacher's school

With his goatee and sunglasses, Bedrosian looks ready for some vigilante justice.
With his goatee and sunglasses, Bedrosian looks ready for some vigilante justice.

Steve Bedrosian pitched one memorable year for the Twins, winning a World Series in Minnesota in 1991. He now lives in suburban Atlanta, where he is currently stewing over the Creepshots scandal that's erupted at his daughter's school.

Earlier this month, a substitute teacher in Coweta County, Georgia was outed for taking sexy photos of unknowing female high school students in his class and posting them to Reddit's hard-to-believe-it's-legal Creepshots forum. The as-of-yet unidentified teacher is no longer employed by the school district and is under investigation for possible criminal charges.

Jezebel provides some background on how the teacher was outed (click to the Jezebel post for the implied links):

But rising above his WTF peers is this user, who posts pictures of high school girls sitting in class from the perspective of someone who appears to be not a fellow student, but their teacher. Exhibit A: This charming post called "Hot Senior Girl in One of My Classes." Shudder. Exhibit B: the time he admitted that he was a teacher in a comment on another person's post (about halfway down this screen shot). When he's not posting clandestinely taken shots of his "hot" students, he's commenting on pictures other young, young looking girls have posted. In response to a posting called "16 F Asian," he writes, "You are sexy as fuck.....it's not even fair to the other girls at school how good looking you are." In another posting purportedly to be of a 16-year-old girl, he writes, "As not a lesbian, I would bang too :-p."

Finding teenagers sexy is not a crime (otherwise, erm, America's got a lot of Britney Spears: The Early Years 'splaining to do). But a teacher who spends his spare time photographing his students so creeps can boner jam to them on the internet? That's probably a fireable offense for an educator, and it's definitely a gym class parachute sized red flag. But the party couldn't last forever -- it appears that he's been caught rosy-palmed; on another of his postings, a Reddit user claims to know the girl and accuses the poster of being a congenital creep who absolutely shouldn't be in a position of authority over underage girls.

This week, the local Fox TV affiliate turned to local parents for reaction and interviewed, of all people, Bedrosian, "who, from what I can tell, is now a real-life righteous Kenny Powers who would like to do harmful things to the capturer of the creepshots, possibly with his giant, tan fists," as Jezebel's Erin Gloria Ryan colorfully writes.

Indeed, the 1987 NL Cy Young winner seems less than happy about the revelation that one of his daughter's high school teachers allegedly used his female students as boner-jam Creepshots fodder.

"As a dad, I don't want to say too much of what I would like to do [to the teacher]," Bedrosian said. "But you have to let the authorities-- hopefully have confidence in them that they will do the right thing."

At the least, it's good to see that Steve is doing better than his 1991 teammate Chuck Knoblauch 21 years removed from World Series glory.

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