Ex-Twin Knoblauch is reportedly drunkenly riding NYC subways, hitting on young chicks

Second baseman Chuck Knoblauch was a four-time All-Star for the Minnesota Twins, winning both a World Series and Rookie of the Year honors during his 1991 campaign. A little less than 10 years later, he mysteriously forgot how to throw to first base and ended up washing out of pro baseball in 2002 at the relatively young age of 34.

So what's Knobby up to these days? If a post on the NYC-based You Taste Like Nachos blog can be believed, he apparently spends at least some of his time drunkenly riding NYC subways, making passes at young chicks and mega-failing.

The blog, written by a young, female librarian, recounts a surreal encounter the author and a female friend of hers name Tara had while riding the G train home last night.

From the blog:

Yesterday evening Tara and I were riding the G train home from the park and a visibly intoxicated man got onto the car and asked us if we were "Irish or Scottish." at first I thought he was asking about our heritage, but after looking at the bottle he was holding and the way he was sloshing around I think he may have thought we were talking with accents that is how many sheets to the wind he was. So normally when a drunk man talks to me on the subway I am mean as hell so he'll leave me alone but maybe because Tara doesn't live in NYC she hasn't been hardened yet? So she kept engaging him and I am so glad she did because of where this conversation went.

She told him she was visiting from Boston and that is when he said, "Oh yeah, I've played at Fenway a few times." And I scoffed and rolled my eyes because BUDDY you are wearing chef pants on the G train and you're fat and don't even try to hint to me that you're a former major league baseball player. I asked him if he was a Yankee fan or something since he had a negative reaction to Tara being in town from Boston and he said, "Why, do you recognize me?" And I was all "Come on! What's your name then?" So he told us his name was Chuck but he would not give us his last name. He also overheard us talking about our upcoming trip to Minnesota and then he told us he used to live there. At this point we were just kind of egging him on so I asked him if he has ever played professional baseball and he said he couldn't answer that but that he was recently divorced from his wife and "Are you sisters? Want to come uptown with me? I'll just have to change first."

When we got off the train Tara decided to google "baseball minnesota chuck yankee" and I was all, "Can you believe that guy? He tried to hint to us that he was a former major league baseball player!" And that is when this came up on Google:

Ex-Twin Knoblauch is reportedly drunkenly riding NYC subways, hitting on young chicks

She concludes: "It was Chuck Knoblauch. We were being hit on by Chuck Knoblauch on the G train."

Perhaps Knobby still bears psychological scars from the infamous 2001 Metrodome incident where rabid Twins fans pelted the then-New York Yankee left fielder with golf balls, Dome Dogs, plastic beer bottles, and batteries. Whatever the case, the former All-Star's fall from grace has apparently been swift and steep.

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