Ex-SWAT Timothy Carson deserves 10 years behind bars, prosecutor says

There's some bargaining going on in the sad case of Ex-Minneapolis police SWAT officer Timothy Carson, who awaits sentencing for a January bank heist in Apple Valley.

Carson "drew his loaded gun, jumped onto the teller counter, ordered everybody to put their heads down and their hands up, and pointed the gun at three tellers," Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan Petterson said a U.S. District Court filing. He deserves 10 years behind bars, not the minimum seven year sentence requested by his defense.

Attorney Andrea George sought leniency in Carson's sentencing because he was distraught over his sick daughter and memories of his combat duty.

Carson pleaded guilty in March to robbing a Wells Fargo bank in Apple Valley on Jan. 6; he was later arrested at MPD's 3rd precinct house after confessing. Some of the clothes he allegedly wore during the heist were later found in an MPD trash can.

Carson, an Iraq war Marine veteran and former Minneapolis SWAT officer, was evidently hoping for a suicide-by-cop confrontation the day he robbed the bank. He alleged to have taken part in at least a dozen other holdups.

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