Ex-Strike Force officer axed by Minneapolis PD

Concept sketch for the Gang Strike Force's new uniforms. Due to the scandal, the project is on indefinite hold.

You can bet it won't be the last.

The news broke last night--Chief Tim Dolan gave the thumbs up to the firing of Officer David Garman, a member of the jackbooted Gang Strike Force. The force has been deeply scandalized by reports of its wanton abuses, including property seizure and brutality, and Gorman became the first of the deposed sub-unit to get fired.

From the Strib's late night report:

Dolan also was weighing a recommendation by an internal disciplinary panel to give 40-hour suspensions to two other Minneapolis officers on the Strike Force who were involved in the raid, the sources said.

A former Strike Force member linked to misconduct allegations resigned last month. Two other force members who are deputies with the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office were suspended this month, one for 25 days, the other for 10.

40 hour suspensions? Really? I mean, we're the last to say that a rotten apple should spoil the barrel. But jeez. Even complicity in the Strike Force's looting and pillaging would seem a fireable offense, no?

Well, one takes what one gets. While Officer Garman will be turning in his gun and badge ala Martin Riggs, we'll be watching the wire to see whose neck is next on the block.