Ex-KFAN host Dubay sentenced to 180 days in workhouse


The ex-KFAN radio host's terrible cocaine habit just sent him straight to the workhouse. Jeff Dubay, 41, was sentenced to 180 days in Ramsey County after he failed his substance abuse programs and kept testing positive for cocaine.

He was taken into custody immediately.

"I think at this point, it's important that Mr. Dubay understand the consequences of his actions," said District Judge Joanne Smith in the Star Tribune.

And this man got a whole lot of chances to turn his life around.

From a previous Blotter post:

Jeff Dubay was originally busted for fifth-degree drug possession. He was fired from his job after he was charged in October. He was given a big second chance and placed into a year-long program to get clean and get his charged dismissed. That apparently wasn't enough to help him turn things around. He was kicked out of that program and given another chance through the Substance Abuse Court in March.

Well, that didn't do the trick either. Dubay tested positive for cocaine 12 times and didn't report for urine tests 11 times since January. Yikes.

Dubay was the co-host of the KFAN midday show with Paul Allen for 10 years.

More from the Star Tribune:

Dubay's attorney, Mark Kelly, told the judge that his client has been abusing cocaine for 18 months. "It's difficult to comprehend how much this has cost him," Kelly said of Dubay.

He said Dubay would be helped most by relocating to an area disconnected from his source for drugs.