Everyone wants Prince and his money


Prince is really not having a good week. Yesterday we reported about his comments against homosexuality in a New Yorker piece. His GLBT fans got pretty pissed off and sources close to Prince said he was misquoted.

Today, he is dealing with a lawsuit from the creator of his 3121 perfume released alongside that album. The company claims he broke the contract by not helping to market the product.

From the Star Tribune:

The breach-of-contract lawsuit was filed Monday by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics Inc. in New York. The company says it licensed Prince's name, likeness and the album title "3121" to market its fragrance.

Revelations says it spent $2.5 million and agreed to pay Universal half of net profits from sales of the perfume. But it claims Universal and Prince haven't participated in various promotions since the frangrance launch in July 2007.

Revelations is probably just upset that Prince created a terrible perfume that smells like a poor Walgreens knock off.