Everson Griffen, Vikings DE, allegedly grabbed L.A. cop in the crotch

Everson Griffen: Damage to the cop isn't permanent.

Everson Griffen: Damage to the cop isn't permanent.

While the Minnesota Vikings' owners are shopping around for a new taxpayer-funded stadium, another member of the team who is not Brett Favre is making life hard for its P.R. department.

Everson Griffen was subdued by a Los Angeles cop with Taser during a traffic stop near the University of Southern California campus. The latest word is he won't face felony charges, but he's due in court later this month for a hearing.


LAPD told the Los Angeles Times that Griffen was pulled over Monday afternoon and asked to produce his license; it was expired. The Times said Griffen panicked, telling the officer "he did not want to go back to jail," and tried to run away -- to no avail. The 6-foot-3, 275-pound defense end got into a scuffle with officers, and out came the Taser.

The complaint says in part:

Def repeated that he refused to be handcuffed or to go to jail. Def turned and faced officer in threatening manner Ofc. Used taser on def to secure compliance and told def to stop resisting. Def continued to resist and was tased a second time. When victim-ofc attempted to restrain def once def was on the ground, def grabbed victim in the crotch and squeezed

You can almost hear Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson slap his forehead when he heard the story. He issued this statement:

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"We are aware of yesterday's alleged incident involving Everson Griffen ... At this time, the team is gathering all the facts and will withhold any further comment."

Griffen didn't exact any permanent damage on the officer, so prosecutors elected to drop the felony charges. He's free on $50,000 bond.