Even if you make $100K, Minneapolis still nation’s 5th least affordable city

Even if you're relatively flush, the data shows the gilded metropolis offers no mercy.

Even if you're relatively flush, the data shows the gilded metropolis offers no mercy. Wikimedia

Much has been made of how the working poor are being driven out by the cost of life Minneapolis. But even those making the princely sum of $100,000 are struggling to pay the freight here.

Magnify Money, a financial advice site, calculated the cost of living in urban America for a couple who collectively earn $100K and have one kid. Surprise: Minneapolis is the nation’s fifth most likely city to leave them broke.

The usual suspects round out the Top 4: San Jose, Washington, San Francisco, and Bridgeport, Connecticut, the state with the country’s highest per capita income. Within the Top 10, the City of Lakes is the only representative from Flyover Country, beating out Boston, New York, Honolulu, Hartford and Oxnard, California.

Though the data used is imperfect – no sound mind would leave Powderhorn Park for Manhattan to save money – it nonetheless demonstrates how Minneapolis has become a gilded borough of the prairie.

The study crunched data from 14 categories, ranging from taxes to health insurance to housing.

Minneapolis held its own for expense when it comes to the cost of things like food, utilities, and entertainment. It was slightly under the Top 10 average for child care, housing, and the basic price of household necessities.

Yet two categories soared above all others. The price of health insurance is nearly double the tab in runner-up D.C., averaging a bitter $864 a month for a family of three. State and local taxes also mauled the competition at $506 a month. That’s double the invoice life in San Francisco delivers.

Calculate all the bills Minneapolis has to offer, and Magnify Money says this typical family has a monthly disposable income of negative-$53.

Fortunately, the site also examined the cheapest places the live. One tiny problem: They’re the kinds of places God might send you to for committing a particularly mortal sin. (Say 10 Hail Marys and move to Tennessee.)

For those willing to endure a cultural barrens in exchange for a heavier wallet, meet the Top 5, respectively: McAllen and El Paso, Texas, and Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville, Tennessee. But you’ll likely have to check your happiness at the door.