Evan Saunders, sleaziest gynecologist ever, charged with sexual assaults

Evan Saunders was treating his patients like dates.

Evan Saunders was treating his patients like dates.

Evan Saunders works, or at least worked, as a gynecologist out of a private practice in Milwaukee. As a gynecologist, he was trusted to care for female patients' reproductive health -- and, more directly, trusted to deal with their most private of private parts.

Uh, it sounds like Dr. Saunders has not yet reached the maturity or not-creepiness level to handle that job.

Saunders has been charged with some pretty rank behavior, after two patients complained about his sexually aggressive actions. According to the patients, Saunders pinched nipples, gave tips on sex techniques, and tried to make a woman have an orgasm during an examination, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.


For totally, totally obvious reasons, this is not allowed, and Saunders has been suspended by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board while the case against him plays out, according to the Journal Sentinel. Turns out the doc has been treating his appointments like third dates for a while: The alleged incidents took place in September 2008, November 2010, and February 2011.

Two separate women made claims against Saunders for inappropriate behavior. One said Saunders gave her sex advice for what she should do with her boyfriend -- inappropriate just about anytime, but never more than when a patient's feet are in the stirrups. Another woman thought that Saunders might have used a miniature vibrator on her.

Saunders is facing four counts of fourth-degree sexual assault, and could do up to nine months in prison if he's convicted.