Eugene Glaraton, fugitive sex offender, captured in Roseville

Eugene Glaraton is back in the slammer.

Eugene Glaraton is back in the slammer.

After several weeks on the lam, convicted sex offender Eugene Glaraton has been captured in Roseville.

"Back behind bars," says Department of Corrections spokesperson John Schadl with satisfaction.

He says anonymous tips from the public led authorities right to Glaraton's doorstep.


Glaraton was convicted of the stranger-rape of a 15-old-boy back in 1987. His record says he used "force" in the crime. Since then, Glaraton repeatedly failed to register as a sex offender and has provided a gaggle of aliases to law enforcement officers.

After his last prison stint, he was released into intensive supervised custody at a halfway house in St. Paul on February 15. Just five days later, he clipped his GPS monitoring bracelet and went on the lam. Since then there have been multiple sightings of him near Larpenteur and Dale in St. Paul, and in the vicinity of the Rosedale Shopping Center in Roseville.

Earlier this week, the DOC's Fugitive Apprehension Unit got a tip that not only is Glaraton skulking around in Roseville, he might be living there. The tipster was able to provide cops the address of an apartment near the intersection of Roselawn and Lexington Avenues. At about 1 p.m. yesterday, they closed in on the apartment and found Glaraton inside.

His little stunt bought him a month and a half of freedom.

Now he's back in custody and the Ramsey County Attorney is deciding if additional charges will be brought. Before he was collared, he'd already racked up two new ones, including escape from custody.

As far as the credit for the capture goes, Schadl gives it to the anonymous tipsters.

"We're really thankful that the public was vigilant and was able to alert us," he says.

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