Et tu, Ellen Page? Saturday Night Live parody of Diablo Cody

If the Oscar wasn't enough, then being made fun of on

Saturday Light Live

should make it official: Diablo Cody is a star. After the jump, you'll find an embed clip of Ellen Page's monologue from over the weekend, including an appearance by Andy Samberg in Diablo's dress. You'll also hear why I think the skit misfires.

Here's the embed:

Personally, I thought this one missed the mark. One problem is that it beats the same dead horse that has already been adequately tortured on the internet for weeks as Diablo-mania morphed into Cody backlash (we get it, she makes up stupid catchphrases with the word "blog" in it).

I thought it was also a somewhat curious choice to cast Samberg as Cody. The whole "sloppy dude wearing a dress" schtick is way played out and only reinforces the feeling that this sketch passed its freshness date even before airing. I would have loved to see what Amy Poehler could have done with the part, and it would have defused some of the criticism that's brewing over Samberg's parting remark, "I was a stripper."

I also find it a bit hypocritical for Samberg to be making fun of Cody for being a catchphrase-spouting web phenom. This is, after all, the same dude who got promoted when his Lazy Sunday clip became a blog sensation. Is making an ironic rap video about weed and cupcakes really morally superior to writing a memoir about a year spent as a stripper?

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