ESPN dumps all over 2010 Vikings


First Sports Illustrated, and now ESPN are both predicting a grim season for the Vikings. Thanks you guys. Didn't you know that Brett Favre is going to ride to the rescue before he rides off into the sunset?

Guess not.

"The Vikings might as well have canceled training camp: Half of their offensive starters missed substantial practice time," Kevin Seifert prognosticates.

Yes, we know. Favre's got a funky ankle. Harvin's got the migraines. Rice has calendar issues when it comes to scheduling time in the OR. The list goes on.

And, we agree, the early season's going to be brutal, including possible deja-vu all over again in New Orleans next week.

Fine. We'll take heart in a not-bad pre-season, including last night's win over Denver.

But just one of you -- thank you Pat Yasinskas! -- can see the Vikes as NFC North champs at the very least? How much are the Packers paying you guys?

Come on. Grandpa's going to deliver. He is. We know it.

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