Ernest Sawka busted for flying his UFO kite again


Ernest Sawka Jr. had another close encounter with cops on Monday, after he was discovered flying the same UFO kite that got him into trouble over the summer.

St. Paul UFO enthusiasts were buzzing after flashing lights were seen in the sky repeatedly over the summer.

In August, investigating officers discovered that their unknown extraterrestrial was Sawka flying a kite with LED lights attached to the string.

It wasn't a crime, but it did turn out Sawka has sticky fingers instead of glowing ones. An outstanding warrant for an unrelated theft sent him to the workhouse.

Naturally, he was eager to get back to his creepy hobby when he was released on Sunday. And the next night, St. Paul police were flagged down by neighbors reporting strange lights.

The cops were peeved to find Sawka, this time in a park near Etna Street and Reaney Avenue. They cited him for disorderly conduct, public nuisance and being in a playground after hours.

Sawka says they also took his kite.

While police say Sawka may think it's "funny," they think it's a waste of their time and resources. The two scenarios are not mutually exclusive.

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