Erin Andrews of ESPN adds star power to Amy Klobuchar's stalker measure

Erin Andrews goes to bat for Amy Klobuchar
Erin Andrews goes to bat for Amy Klobuchar
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Erin Andrews knows a thing or two about stalkers. A guy named Michael David Barrett once secretly videotaped the ESPN sportscaster through a hotel peepholes -- in one, she was buck naked, curling her hair -- and then posted the clips online. Millions of guys' hearts raced before the clips were pulled down, but Andrews wasn't amused -- Barrett went to jail, and she sued the hotels involved. Now she's huddling with Sen. Amy Klobuchar to move tough new anti-stalking legislation through Congress.

A visibly choked-up Andrews appeared with Klobuchar today during a D.C. press conference announcing the bill, which helped draw reporters to what would otherwise be yet another yawner event in the nation's capital.

And Klobuchar tells USA Today she's glad Andrews helped glam up the show.

"Her story makes any woman concerned about privacy," Klobuchar said. "What was she supposed to do? Glue down her door's peephole? No one would ever anticipate that, and that's the problem with modern day stalkers. That's why we have to have new tools in the tool box."

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