Erik Paulsen's office springs a big leak


We're used to a lot of scandalous leaks at the Capitol, but this takes the cake for the best office response.

Rep. Erik Paulsen's (R-Minn.) office became flooded, quite literally, with water today after it started shooting through a wall in his office on Capitol Hill. How this happens we're not sure, but it's entertaining nonetheless. You wouldn't believe the team effort of his staff to cover it up.

Paulsen's spokesman, Andrew Foxwell, told Politico that the leak was manageable at first as it was only filling small recycling bins every 15-20 seconds.

Five minutes later, the water created a two-inch whole to burst open and the staff literally had runners taking giant recycling bins every two minutes to Paulsen's bathroom sink. Water was shooting 15 feet across the cramped office space.

Paulsen was still in Minnesota during the incident. The leak was eventually fixed when maintenance responded.

Perhaps the most hilarious part: Someone on staff chose not to help in the effort and instead made a YouTube clip of the ordeal. They even cheered on "Phil the Intern" as he waited for a recycling bin to fill with wall water. Go Phil!

Talk about a team effort. Those offices can be unusually dull, but then you get water leaks and chopped off fingers to add some drama to the day.