Erik Paulsen campaign makes Washington Post's "Best of" list

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza published his annual "Best House Campaigns of 2008" list and Minnesota gets a featured spot dedicated to Erik Paulsen who won in 3rd District. He will be taking the seat of retiring Rep. Jim Ramstad. 

Why did Paulsen win this coveted honor from the Post? He's a Republican. And he won. 

Check out Cillizza's commentary below.

Minnesota's 3rd district -- Erik Paulsen (R): At first glance, the retirement of Rep. Jim Ramstad (R) presented an ideal pickup opportunity for national Democrats. The suburban Twin Cities seat gave President George W. Bush a narrow 51 percent victory in 2004 and looked to be the epicenter of anti-war movement in the state. And, when Democrats nominated Iraq war veteran Ashwin Madia, it looked like a tailor-made pickup. Enter state Sen. Erik Paulsen, one of the best (and only) recruits for House Republicans in 2008. Paulsen was able to beat back the anti-Republican trend in the state (Obama won the state by 10 points and it appears as though Al Franken is going to win the Senate seat) by focusing on his own accomplishments in the state legislature. A rare bit of good news for Republicans nationally.

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