Erica Clark finds envelope stuffed with cash at McDonald's, doesn't do what you'd expect with it

Imagine you're walking into a fast food joint when you happen upon an envelope in the parking lot. You open it up, and to your amazement, the thing is stuffed with thousands of dollars of cold, hard cash.

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Let's be honest -- most folks would probably keep it and thank their lucky stars, right? But not 19-year-old Minnesota State University Moorhead student Erica Clark, who went out of her way to reunite the rightful owner of $2,800 with an envelope containing his cash after she found it in a McDonald's parking lot yesterday afternoon.

In addition to all the cash, the envelope contained an unnamed Wells Fargo receipt, the Duluth News Tribune reports. Clark brought her find to Moorhead police, who alerted the bank about the situation. Meanwhile, the man who withdrew the cash to buy a truck but somehow misplaced it eventually realized his envelope was missing and went to the bank to investigate. There, he was reunited with his dough. 

$2,800 sure is a lot of money for a college student, but Erica says she never thought about keeping it.

"I never really had any second thoughts about it," she told the Tribune. "All I could think about was what if someone was going Christmas shopping and all their money was gone?"

As you'd expect, Moorhead police lieutenant Tory Jacobson gave Clark props.

"She deserves a lot of credit for her character," he told the Tribune.

The man who lost the envelope plans to thank Clark in person for her good deed this week. We expect he'll pick up the tab.

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