Eric Thomes Facebook page: Profile of the "person of interest" in Officer Decker's murder

A screengrab of Eric Thomes' Facebook page.
A screengrab of Eric Thomes' Facebook page.

Eric Thomes, the man investigators have deemed a "person of interest" in the murder of Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker, has a public Facebook page.

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His likes include "beer," "drinking beer," the Vikings, Wild and Twins, drag racing, country music, the Fox 9 Buzz, and the Fox 9 Morning News. Thomes apparently went to Rocori Senior High School. One of his favorites is Winner's Sports Bar and Grill, the establishment outside which Decker was shot and killed on November 29.

The page contains a couple photos of Thomes and two young boys and one of him in some sort of hippie costume for Halloween:

Eric Thomes Facebook page: Profile of the "person of interest" in Officer Decker's murder

In a Star Tribune report, Ryan Larson, the man who was apparently falsely accused of Decker's murder, had this to say about Thomes:

For Ryan Larson, the part-time Winners bartender who was arrested in his apartment above the bar within hours of Decker's killing, the news of Thomes' death and the BCA investigation filled him with conflicting emotions.

On one level, he said, he felt confused because he knew Thomes casually and viewed him "as a regular" who was always helpful whenever there was an inkling of trouble among patrons.

"He'd been on a downward spiral over the last year with arrests for DUI," Larson said in an interview Friday. "But I don't know what was going on in his life."

Earlier today, WCCO reported that Thomes had been arrested for DUI four times in the past year, with three of the arrests coming courtesy of unnamed Cold Spring officers.

Thomes killed himself Wednesday after investigators arrived at his house to re-interview him about Officer Decker's murder.

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